Communications & Public Relations

To provide guidelines and recommendations for communications about the College of Human Sciences and Education.  Makes recommendations based on findings and submits annual report (Spring) to the Dean. (Meets as needed)

Carol Barry, SLIS (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Reid Bates, SLHRD (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Pam Blanchard, SOE (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Sandy Colvin, Development (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Ari Fisher, SOK (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Frank Rusciano, ULS (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Scott Wilks, SSW (2016-2017 thru 2017-2018)

Mary Woods, Communications & Public Relations (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019) CHAIR

Ex officio: Michelle Spielman