LSU School of Education Associate Professor Choate and Eating Disorder Therapist Shaw helped University Laboratory High School parents with children's food, weight, and body image issues


LSU School of Education Associate Professor Laura Choate and Eating Disorder Therapist Hilary Shaw presented “Raising Your Child Free of Food, Weight, and Body Image Issues” Tuesday October 22, 2013 at the University Laboratory High School auditorium.

Dr. Choate began the program discussing current issues with children in society today, including eating disorders and obesity. She explained the pressures on children that are constantly present in media, among friends, and even at home. She offered advice on how to limit the negative pressure in a child’s life, and also advice on how to make one’s home a safe haven.

Ms. Shaw discussed raising children to have a healthy relationship with food and their body so they grow up feeling good about themselves in our weight and diet obsessed culture. She explained the responsibilities of parents in feeding children and raising them to be intuitive ‘normal’ eaters. She discussed how our current fears of our children becoming fat is problematic in our society today and discussed how to respond to your kids when they are afraid of being fat.

The presentation was an informative tool to help parents concerned about their children, or wanted to know more information about raising their child in a healthy environment.

Dr. Choate received her E.d.D. in Counseling from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.  Dr. Choate has been an associate professor at LSU since August 1999.  She is the coordinator of the community counseling track within the counselor education program. Her research interests include counseling issues and interventions for working with girls and women, college student wellness, and counselor preparation. She is the author of three books: Girls’ and Women’s Wellness: Contemporary Counseling Issues and Interventions (2008); Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Counselor’s Guide to Prevention and Treatment (2013); and Adolescent Girls in Distress: A Mental Health Guide to Treatment and Prevention (2013). She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is a Vice-Chair of the Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners. 

Hilary Shaw is a registered dietitian and licensed professional counselor in private practice in baton rouge. She received both her Master of Science in Nutrition and her Master of Arts in Community Counseling from LSU. Ms. Shaw specializes in eating and body image issues in individuals of all ages. Along with teaching nutrition and counseling courses at Louisiana State University, she has guest lectured at local high schools and universities including Southeastern Louisiana University, St. Joseph’s Academy, and Episcopal High School.

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