CHSE announces Fourth Annual Effective Educators Seminar series featuring Drs. Harry and Rosemary Wong


In partnership with international education authors and presenters Drs. Harry and Rosemary Wong, the LSU College of Human Science & Education will host the fourth annual Effective Educators Seminar Series this summer in the New Orleans area on June 24 and the Houston area on June 27, 2015.

The cost of attending the conference is $99 (includes lunch), and attendees have the option to purchase a copy of the Wongs’ latest book, THE Classroom Management Book, for $20 (retails for $36.95). Attendees may earn up to 6 CEUs. Accommodations for both the Louisiana and Texas events are available.

The conference, featuring Drs. Harry and Rosemary Wong will bring cutting-edge classroom and school practices to teachers, pre-service teachers, instructional coaches, staff developers, college professors, and administrators. The conference shares common sense, research-based, basic techniques that cost nothing to implement.

Attendees will learn how to manage the classroom for student learning and achievement. They will also learn about classroom instruction, the difference between assessment and evaluation, how to construct tests and assessment instruments, the importance of objectives, and more.

In one day, learn how to . . .

  • Use a first day of school plan for a successful start to your career
  • Get your students to do what you want them to do
  • Start class with no wasted time
  • Eliminate discipline problems
  • Teach procedures so students know what, how, and when to do it
  • Establish consistency so the class responsibly runs itself
  • Maximize classroom time for learning
  • Assess for student learning
  • Invest in your potential as an effective teacher
  • Become effective overnight and be the educator you were meant to be

Drs. Harry and Rosemary Wong are authors of THE book on effective classroom management, The First Days of School. First published in 1991, it has since sold over 3.7 million copies and is currently in its fourth edition. It is used in thousands of school districts, in over 116 countries, and in over 2,026 college classrooms. It has sold more copies than any other book of its type in the history of American education, making the Wongs the foremost authorities on what works in the classroom for effective teachers and the most sought-after speakers in the field. They have spoken to more than one million educators and enhanced the careers of tens of thousands of teachers and administrators.