Dear Incoming Freshman,

First off, welcome to LSU!


Cypress Hall, one of LSU’s newest additions to residential life, is just the place for you to experience your freshmen year. Not only is the eco-friendly building brand new, but it is located right across from the Quad, the main hub where many of your classes will be. The 109,446 square foot building houses 330 beds, an exercise studio, and two indoor classrooms!


Cypress Hall


Is LSU’s size intimidating? Don’t worry, living on campus in Cypress Hall is the perfect home to allow you to adjust to college life. The goal of Cypress Hall is to make LSU’s huge campus smaller and easier to tackle for an incoming freshman. With classrooms a floor or two away from your bedroom, learning is brought to you. Residential hall students have reserved seats in regular sections of freshmen courses. You will be able to form study groups with your roommates and floor mates. Cypress Hall features several types of study rooms, from small lounge rooms with comfortable chairs to larger rooms perfect for group project meetings, and even outdoor courtyards to enjoy studying on beautiful days.


STudy Room


“I’ve come to work in the morning and seen students eating their cereal while reviewing their notes in the study rooms,” says Ashley Gray, the in-house academic advisor in Cypress Hall.

Going right downstairs in your own dorm to study is a convenient alternative compared to late night trips to the library. Additionally, some classes are held in the classrooms of the residential hall, including the activity classes taken by Kinesiology majors. The number of activity classes held in the residential hall grow each semester and will include Yoga, Tai Chi, and Bootcamp in the Fall 2016 semester.


Rocking Chair
Pool table


Cypress Hall also provides the perfect opportunity to get involved while meeting new people. The service organization, SEEdS (Students Engaged in Education & Service) gives you the chance to embrace civic responsibility while serving LSU and the community.


Make your freshman year of college a success. Live in Cypress Hall.


Once you’re accepted into LSU, you’re ready to apply for housing. Apply as soon as you’re accepted!


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