Welcome New 2020-2021 College of Human Sciences & Education Faculty

Join the College of Human Sciences & Education in welcoming faculty members who are new to the college. We asked our six new faculty to share their research and why they are passionate about it, and why they are excited to be at LSU. Presented by school, meet our new faculty.

School of Education


Laura Piestrzynski

Assistant Professor
"I am very passionate about how teacher practice and the learning environment can support every child in developing essential literacy skills...I'm very excited to be at LSU because of the commitment to improving education in our society, and because of the LSU students who demonstrate every day their enthusiasm to be educational professionals."


School of Kinesiology


Ryan Hulteen

Assistant Professor


"I am a motor developmentalist so I'm really interested in trying to understand what skills people need across the lifespan...I'm so excited to be here this year because obviously I've been working towards this for my entire career now and LSU has such a well-respected kinesiology program, not to mention we are one of the largest majors on campus."


School of Leadership & Human Resource Development


Michelle Todd

Assistant Professor

"My research examines creativity, innovation, and leadership in organizations and I'm passionate about helping organizations and helping people develop novel and useful solutions to the unique problems that they face...I'm excited to conduct this research, as well as, teach at LSU because of the incredible people and support at LSU."


School of Library & Information Science


Allan Martell 

Postdoctoral Researcher

"In my work, I grapple with the complex and nuanced relationship between the cultural and psychological layers of cultural trauma... I am excited about working at LSU because I have seen how the university is carrying on an important effort in terms of promoting diversity on campus."


Ana Roeschley

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

 "My dissertation focuses on participatory archive initiatives, while my wider research interests include digital curation, digital humanities, and collective memory. I believe that archives and record keeping practices connect us to our memories. They allow us to understand the past and ourselves."