Move-in Day Tips

Haleigh on Movein Day

August 6, 2020

By: Haleigh Bordelon

Hey everyone! I’m Haleigh, and I am a second-year Kinesiology student. During the pandemic, I moved into Cypress Hall in the fall of 2020, and my nerves were HIGH! My roommate and I were assigned a date and time to move into our room to limit exposure to other families that were moving in on our floor. We had no idea what to expect – only 15 minutes to unload our cars, two hours to unpack and get settled, and no leaving our room whatsoever once inside scared not only me but my family, too! Thankfully, the staff of Cypress Hall, the College of Human Sciences & Education, and the amazing amenities Cypress Hall has to offer made move-in go smoothly. Below, I’ve included some beneficial tips and tricks that helped make my move-in as worry-free as possible.

Tip #1: Pay attention to LSU Residential Life’s website and Facebook page.

Residential Life spends months preparing for Move-in Day. In addition to hosting Q&A sessions, they post tips, tricks, packing lists and an abundance of helpful information to make your experience easier.

When I moved in, my roommate had brought packs upon packs of command hooks, but we soon found out that in Cypress Hall, you are only allowed to use push pins to hang things. Make sure to find the residential life handbook on their website and double-check what is and what is not in your residence hall.

Tip #2: Dress Comfortably!

Move-in Day is a long day full of walking, heavy lifting, and sweating. The last thing you want is to be wearing tight or restricting clothes. In August, Baton Rouge is HOT! Loose-fitting and clothes are the best way to conquer move-in day. Don’t worry- it is still possible to be cute for all your pictures while dressing comfortably!

It is essential to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. As your family lifts heavy pieces of furniture so your room can be exactly how you want it, the last thing you want is for yourA picture of Haleigh's Closet toes to get smashed. Avoid blisters and possible injuries by wearing some comfortable tennis shoes or sneakers.

Tip #3: Label your boxes with your name and room number.

On Move-in Day, there are boxes everywhere, and your things can get mixed in with someone else's. I bought peel and stick labels for all of my boxes and then wrote my name and room number. Every box, set of drawers, and a loose piece I had was labeled in some way. If your items do get mixed in with another resident’s, you want to be able to locate your boxes quickly and easily!

Tip #4: Have a game plan.

It is overwhelming to walk into an empty dorm room and have two families trying to move their students in all at once. On the way to the dorms, talk with whoever is accompanying you and decide what you want to get done first and last. My family and I decided that we would move the furniture first and make my bed last. Everything in between fell right in place. Whether you choose to move furniture, make your bed, or set up the bathroom first, having a game plan will help you not get overwhelmed and lost in the process!

Tip #5: Remember to breathe!!

While Move-in Day can be stressful, it can be so much fun! Remember that this is a new and exciting experience for not only you but for your family members, too, so if they get on your nerves, just take a deep breath. You only move to college for freshman year once, so remember to soak it in and make the most of it!!

P.S. If you want to see a 3D model of my room, click here and go to the virtual tour!

Image of the futon in Haleigh's roomPhoto of Haleigh's bed in the dorm.