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Celebrating Our Graduates

At our CHSE Distinguished Honors Reception on Thursday, May 12, 2016, we celebrated,

University Medalists

The University Medal is presented to undergraduate students who have completed all of the requirements for the bachelor's degree with a perfect 4.0 average. 

Alli Beth Blanchard  |  Kinesiology  |  Pierre Part, La.

Courtney Farnet  |  Kinesiology  |  Mandeville, La.

Megan Glahn  |  Kinesiology  |  New Orleans, La.

 Erin Hebert  | Education  |  New Iberia, La. 

Austin Knight  |  Kinesiology  |  Mount Hermon, La.

Chloe Nicolosi  |  Kinesiology  |  New Orleans, La.

University Medalists

CHSE Undergraduate Distinguished Scholars

The Undergraduate Distinguished Scholars Program is a research program where undergraduate students are mentored by individual faculty mentors. All activities are extracurricular and include completing scholarship modules, assisting faculty with collecting and analyzing data, and designing and implementing a research project. These students in conducted original research studies and developed research competencies.

Megan Barrilleaux  |  Education  |  Katy, Tx.

Karah Begeron  |  Education  |  New Orleans, La.

Madison Blackford  |  Education  |  Monroe, La.

Caryle Breuhl  |  Education  |  Humble, Tx.

Abbie Brown  |  Education  |  Eunice, La.

Alexis Canseco  |  Education  |  Meraux, La.

Rhonda Carver  |  Education  |  Dallas, Tx.

Melissa Davis  |  Education  |  Whitsett, Nc.

Kaitlyn Duhon  |  Education  |  Metairie, La.

LaKeisha Fair  |  Education  |  Mansfield, La.

Erin Fell | Education & HSS  |  Metairie, La.

Zadie Franklin  |  Kinesiology  |  New Orleans, La.

Meghan Gopal  |  Education  |  Mandeville, La.

Erin Hebert  |  Education  |  New Iberia, La.

Caroline Hulin  |  Education  |  New Iberia, La.

Sari Pipes  |  Education  |  Shreveport, La.

Brooke Price  |  Education  |  Lake Charles, La.

Kristen Schulz  |  Education  |  Meraux, La.

Jennifer Winston  |  Education  |  Metairie, La.



CHSE Ambassadors

These students are part of a group of high achieving, diverse, and well-rounded student leaders within the college. They have provided collegiate outreach for recruitment and engagement (CORE) support within the college, on campus, and in the community.

Devin Arceneaux  |  Kinesiology  |  Kenner, La.

Beren Chandler  |  Kinesiology  |  New Orleans, La.

Zadie Franklin  |  Kinesiology  |  New Orleans, La.

Amber Oliver  |  Kinesiology  |  Slidell, La.

Megan Steinmetz  |  Kinesiology  |  Lafayette, La.






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