Dive Into Recruitment With Doug Waddell


Baton Rouge - Assistant to the Dean/Director of Graduate Recruitment Doug Waddell took some time to share exactly what he does in graduate recruitment and how he can assist with your own recruitment needs. 

How can Doug help you?

To put it simply, Doug says he is ready to work with you to meet any recruitment needs you may have. One common way that he recruits students is through attending conferences, fairs and other events that are important to you. From there, he acts as the connector to campus: the middle man. He connects students to a specific faculty member or person who is going to help them on their journey. 

Doug is very involved in programs throughout Louisiana, and he aims to create buzz about CHSE graduate programs wherever he goes. One of his main goals is to sell the graduate program and the faculty, which is why Doug directs them to a faculty member or person within the college that can work with the student on a closer level. 

Need help getting the word out about your program?

In order to successfully recruit students, Doug only needs you to communicate when and where you would like him to be. Are there any career center fairs, schools, or professional conferences where CHSE should be represented? Are there schools in Louisiana or Texas or somewhere else that you need a face at? Tell him when/where you want to be, and he will create the buzz for students to want to come to LSU.

Doing this allows Doug to close any gaps in information. He has had several students apply because of his help in walking them through the steps and/or connecting them to a faculty member or other person within the college. 

"If you are just overloaded and getting a lot of contacts, send those students to me and let me be the filter. I can connect them to our faculty members or other key staff. Our faculty and staff believe in LSU and their graduate programs. They are truly the gifts that keep on giving," says Doug Waddell.  

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