CHSE at LSU Discover Day

We celebrated our undergraduate student researchers’ accomplishments April 7 at LSU Discover Day.


Poster Presentations:

Native of Lafayette, La., Jasmine Abdalla, The Use of a Stylus in Different Planes and Feedback Configurations

Mentor Arend Van Gemmert, Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology

Native of Baton Rouge, La., Whitney Amato, Increasing Phonemic Awareness using a Word Box Intervention               

Mentor Cynthia DiCarlo, Associate Professor, School of Education

Native of Luling, La., Taylor Amedee, Interlimb Differences in Movement Accuracy in Darkness Vary with Handedness Laterality Scores in Right-Handers           

Mentor Jan Hondzinski, Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology

Native of Westwego, La., Kelsey Brown, Increasing Letter Formation and Recognition Using Multi-Sensory Intervention

Mentor Cynthia Dicarlo

Native of Lake Charles, La., Allison Cutrera, Increasing Task Completion Using Positive Incentives

Mentor Cynthia DiCarlo

Native of Baton Rouge, La., Audrey Demand, The Effects of the Mode of Copying a Text on Remembering its Content

Mentor Arend Van Gemmert     

Native of Harvey, La., Zadie Franklin, The Influence of Physical Activity Sessions on Elementary Students' Academic Performance and Time on Task

Mentor Jennifer Curry, Associate Dean for Programs & Services, Associate Professor, School of Education

Native of Baton Rouge, La., Molly Guidroz, Decreasing Socially Inappropriate Communication using Social Stories

Mentor Cynthia Dicarlo

DDNative of Paincourtville, La., Falen Johnson, Time Consuming Transitions

Mentor Cynthia DiCarlo

Native of Alexandria, La., Nancy Leavines, Appropriate Sitting in the Whole Group Setting

Mentor Cynthia Dicarlo

Native of Covington, La., Hayden Lyons, Increasing Handwriting Skills Using Fine Motor Dexterity Intervention

Mentor Cynthia DiCarlo

Native of Baton Rouge, La., Kathleen Nguyen, Increasing Abilities to Write Numbers Using Multi-Sensory Interventions

Mentor Cynthia Dicarlo 

Native of Haughton, La., Kayla Patton, Decreasing Aggressive Behavior Using Social Stories

Mentor Cynthia DiCarlo

Native of Metairie, La., Anne Pizzini, The Effects of Structured Choice in Participation of Centers

Mentor Cynthia DiCarlo

Native of Lafayette, La., Avery Rodrigue, Using Letter Building to Increase Letter Recognition for Pre-Kindergarten Students

Mentor Cynthia Dicarlo



LSU Discover Scholar Erin Fell with her research mentor, Dr. Paula Summers Calderon. Dr. Paula Summers Calderon, assistant director of the Office of Assessment & Accountability in the School of Education, said Fell’s research has the potential to help world language teachers further individualize instruction to reach students in new, more successful ways.

Oral Presentations

Native of Metairie, La., Collette Tilly, The Effects of Levodopa on the Performance of Fine Motor Tasks in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease            

Mentor Arend Van Gemmert

Erin Fell, Tactile Manipulatives, Color Coding and Storytelling as Effective Strategies for Improving Second Language Fluency

Mentor Paula Summers Calderon, Assistant Director of the Office of Assessment & Accountability, School of Education


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April 7, 2016 was the third annual  Discover Day, hosted by LSU Discover. Discover Day is a undergraduate research and creative endeavors showcase.

LSU Discover is dedicated to promoting undergraduate research and creative activity in all fields of study by sponsoring an annual student symposium to provide students an avenue to present their work.

LSU Discover Day provides an opportunity to interact with peers and faculty from across campus working in similar research fields, learn about how research and creativity is conducted in different fields and to develop presentation skills. 

Through this annual showcase, LSU creates a unique environment for the celebration and promotion of undergraduate student achievement, provides models of exemplary research and creative activities, and helps to improve the state of undergraduate education at the university.