Communication Across the Curriculum to honor six CHSE students at Distinguished Communicator Medal Ceremony


Congratulations to our undergraduate students who have successfully completed LSU’s Distinguished Communicator Certification! These students will be honored at the Distinguished Communicator Medal Ceremony on May 12, 2016.


Marissa Robles, Athletic Training, School of Kinesiology 
Faculty Advisor: Ray Castle


Olivia Wishman, Athletic Training, School of Kinesiology
Faculty Advisor: Ray Castle


Madison Blackford, Early Childhood Education, School of Education
Faculty Advisor: Karen Donnelly


Rhonda Carver, Early Childhood Education, School of Education
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia DiCarlo


Sari Pipes, Early Childhood Education, School of Education
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia DiCarlo


Alexis Canseco, Early Childhood Education, School of Education    
Faculty Advisor: Hillary Eisworth


LSU Distinguished Communicators is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession. Candidates undergo a variety of training experiences and are required to build a digital portfolio, demonstrating proficiency in written, spoken, visual, and technological communication. They must also show successful use of their communication skills in leadership roles and community service.  Upon completion of the program, these students possess the competitive skills and knowledge needed for 21st-century leadership. This coveted designation becomes part of official transcripts and gives the certified graduate significant leverage in today’s job market. LSU is one of the only universities in the country recognizing students who excel in communicating within their discipline.

As the first program of its kind in the nation, LSU Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) is a multimodal, multifaceted program that works to improve the writing, speaking, visual and technological communication skills of undergraduates.

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