Announcing the University Medalists for the CHSE Class of 2020


May 15, 2020

At each commencement, the University Medal for “Highest Academic Achievement” is awarded to the undergraduate student (or students) graduating with the highest GPA, provided that more than 50 percent of the credits required for the degree has been earned at LSU-BR. Grade point averages will be computed for (1) all work completed and (2) all work completed at LSU-BR, with the lower of the two averages determining eligibility for the medal.

This Spring, we are honored to have 27 medalists.

Photo of Margaret Macy Bourg

Margaret Macy Bourg

Photo of Deanna Marie Bourgeois

Deanna Marie Bourgeois

Photo of Emily Ann Duboulay

Emily Ann DuBoulay

Photo of Caroline Elizabeth Duplechin

Caroline Elizabeth Duplechin


Photo of Ann Gilbert

Ann Elizabeth Gilbert

Photo of Madeleine Gill

Madeleine Elizabeth Gill

Photo of Mari-Catherine Guidry

Mari-Catherine Guidry

Photo of Elizabeth Knowles

Elizabeth "Libby" Dennies Knowles


Photo of Gabrielle Renee Lafontaine

Gabrielle Renee LaFontaine

Photo of Lani Landry

Lani Rae Landry

Photo of Peyton Oz Leblanc

Peyton Oz LeBlanc

Photo of Caroline Lecoq

Caroline Anne LeCoq Haydel


Photo of Kamryn Leeper

Kamryn Rachel Leeper

Photo of Hannah Lejeune

Hannah Marie LeJeune

Photo of Veronic Marhoffer

Veronica Marie Marhoffer

Photo of Laken Marionneaux

Laken Kathleen Marionneaux


Photo of Camille Moreau

Camille Therese Moreau

Photo of Lucy Mosher

Lucy Therese Mosher

Photo of Bryan Nguyen

Bryan Nguyen

Photo of Alysse Parfait

Alysse Marie Parfait


Photo of Jolee Renee Parr

Jolee Renee Parr

Photo of David Payne

David Anthony Payne

Photo of Brianna Rauch

Brianna Angele Rauch

Photo of Emily Teuton

Emily Lamar Teuton


Photo of Jami Alyse Truong

Jami Alyse Truong

Photo of Shelby Jane Waddell

Shelby Jane Waddell

Photo of Anna Lee Zwiebel

Anna Lee Zwiebel