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Back of CHSE Ambassador t-shirt. The shirt is grey with the tiger mosaic with the words mens sana in copre sano around the tiger. THe mosiac is surrounded by Education, Kinesiology, Leadership & Human Resource Development, Library & Information Science, Social Work, University Laboratory SchoolThe CHSE Ambassadors are launching their first on-line t-shirt shop. The shop will be open for a limited time – so don’t miss it.

The front of the t-shirt will feature the College of Human Sciences & Education logo on the pocket and the back honors the spirit of CHSE with an image of the mosaic tiger inlaid into the floor tiles of the Huey P. Long Field House.  The Latin insignia of “mens sana in corpore sano” meaning “a sound mind in a sound body” embodies the mission of the College of Human Sciences & Education.

The t-shirts are $20.00 (plus tax/handling). Funds generated through this sale will support CHSE Ambassadors activities.

Buying a t-shirt is easy:

  • shop when it is convenient for you – when you’re cramming for a test at 2 am or planning a lecture for your next zoom class take a break and shop
  • you can use your credit or debit card – no cash needed
  • • show your college spirit - t-shirts will be packaged and ready for delivery/pick-up in late October

The sale starts on September 21st and expires at midnight on October 8th. Don’t miss your chance to snag a signature CHSE t-shirt while they are available.

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