Sister Judith Brun, Peabody Society Board member, to speak at TEDxLSU


Sister Judith Brun will speak at TEDxLSU on March 5, 2016.

Sister Judith has been a force for positive change in the Greater Baton Rouge Area for over 40 years as an educator and humanitarian. A passionate advocate for young people, Sister Judith began teaching in 1972 and served as principal of St. Joseph’s Academy for 25 years.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Sister Judith founded Community Initiatives Foundation to provide one-on-one support for displaced children and families.

Since then, she has expanded CIF to address the needs of underserved Baton Rouge neighborhoods through on-the-ground programs like Take Care Baton Rouge. Through these efforts she challenges the traditional model of social support, encouraging collaboration over accommodation and relationships over charity. Community challenges are like a puzzle, and Sister Judith sees people from all different backgrounds as vital pieces for success.

Sister Judith is a member of the College of Human Sciences & Education’s Peabody Society Alumni & Friends board. Established in 1999, the board is a distinguished group of alumni and friends who are dedicated to assisting the college. Members serve the college through fundraising, voluntarism, relationship building and advocacy. She has a Master’s Degree in Education in Secondary Administration from LSU.

TEDxLSU is the premier TEDx event in the greater Baton Rouge area. Launched in 2013, TEDxLSU is an intellectual and creative experience that brings local, regional, and statewide communities together in a way that enables them to imagine the possibilities, spur discussion and dialogue, and generate big ideas that will move the state of Louisiana forward.

This year’s TEDxLSU Talks center around the theme “why?” because when we question, share, learn, wonder, and understand, we become connected.

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