CHSE Alumnus Dr. William Bankhead's book, The Greatest Shows on Earth, to debut at signing event

On the 50th anniversary of the LSU Assembly Center, LSU CHSE Alumnus and the manager who opened and ran the facility Dr. William "Bill" Bankhead will be debuting his book The Greatest Shows on Earth with a signing event.

Signing details:

  • Friday, November 18
  • 2-3 pm
  • Outside the gift shop of the LSU Alumni Association's Lod Cook Hotel

Former LSU Gymnastics coach D-D Breaux will also be present to sign books.

Following the event, Dr. Bankhead's book will be available in the gift shop and the book will be offered by LSU Press in 2023. A commemorative "I was There" backstage pass will be given to the first 50 people to buy the book.

The 114-page coffee-table style book provides a backstage pass to the first decade of the iconic multipurpose building. It is illustrated with posters, ticket stubs, photos, and celebrity autographs to illustrate Dr. William Bankhead's behind-the-scenes view of the history and people who brought the building to life.

"...My intention was to honor the Assembly Center during this 50th anniversary year," Bankhead said. "I'm humbly excited to share this labor of love at this time. I'm impressed with the way it turned out - it's a balance of information and storytelling with great graphics and color."

Bankhead was assisted in editing the book by his son John Bankhead, who also worked in the building. Furthermore, two-time LSU Pop Entertainment Chair Del Moon (1973-75) contributed to the book with souvenir tickets, posters, and photos. 

"If you were there, you know," Moon commented. "There were so many singular achievements, such as launching the Rolling Stones' 1975 Tour of the Americas and hosting Tina Turner's first solo concert. The list goes on, and this book will bring back the memories and feeling for those special times."

More information about the book signing can be Learn more about the book signing.