Show your love for CHSE: Apply to be a CHSE Ambassador

Show your love for CHSE: Apply to be a CHSE Ambassador

CHSE Ambassador recruitment is underway and we are looking to add members to the team! The CHSE Ambassadors are a group of high achieving, diverse and well-rounded student leaders who have declared a major within the College of Human Sciences & Education. They provide Collegiate Outreach for Recruitment & Engagement (CORE) support within the College, on campus and in the community.

REQUIREMENTS: 3.0 minimum LSU GPA / minimum of 24 credit hours completed and 48 credit hours remaining at the end of Spring 2022

Becoming a CHSE Ambassador has many benefits! Why should you join? You can...

  • Build friendships with other CHSE students
  • Serve as a role model to prospective and current students
  • Improve team building, leadership and communication abilities
  • Develop special event and program planning skills
  • Plan and participate in community engagement and service projects
  • Identify and articulate information about the schools and majors in the college
  • Recruit students into CHSE
  • Develop rapport with CHSE faculty, staff and administrators
  • Serve as a leader in the college and on campus
  • Participate in networking opportunities with alumni and community leaders
  • Gain an opportunity to build your resume
  • Earn official CHSE Ambassador accessories and regalia
  • Receive special recognition upon graduation from CHSE


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