10 Reasons Why SeaPerch is Amazing!

SeaPerch  Middle school students hand-build remote operated vehicles (ROVs)

SeaPerch  Underwater robots…enough said

SeaPerchTeacherTraining  Is a curriculum that has empowered 17,000+ teachers & 300,000+ students 

SP  SeaPerch is in TEN countries, and growing!

Team  SeaPerch is accessible - the low cost kit includes everyday parts such as PVC pipe that are affordable and easily customized

SeaPerch  There has been a SeaPerch program in each of the 50 states, plus Puerto Rico

SeaPerch  SeaPerch is an INCREDIBLE volunteer opportunity

Ocean Commotion  SeaPerch inspires the next generation of STEM professionals

SeaPerch  Every SeaPerch is customizable and different – the sky is the limit

SeaPerch  SeaPerch brings science outside of the four walls of the classroom


Is there a teacher inside you? Is there an engineer inside you? SeaPerch can spark a love for science, math, technology, engineering, and teaching! The opportunities are endless.

First, teachers learn about the curriculum, and how to implement it into the classroom. The teachers learn, and then teach. Students learn design and engineering principles by building an underwater ROV (SeaPerch) and participating in a SeaPerch Challenge. SeaPerch integrates engineering and technology into the classroom, while introducing maritime, robotics, and STEM careers into young minds.

Want to see SeaPerch in action with your own eyes? Volunteer for this exciting underwater robotics competition!

The National SeaPerch Challenge is taking place at LSU May 20 - 21, 2016.

Teams in the National SeaPerch Challenge compete by: vehicle performance (maneuvering through an obstacle course and recovering underwater items), innovative design of posters, and team presentations.

Register as a team, spectator, or volunteer. Volunteers provide support for day-of-competition logistics, directing or leading competitors, and general support.