Redefining the Next Step: Kinesiology Junior, Lauren Bagneris, Remains Devoted to Bettering the Quality of Life

January 22, 2019

Lauren Bagneris, I am innovative artworkLabs, labs, and more labs! Lauren Bagneris is familiar with the routine but remains excited each time.


Lauren Bagneris of New Orleans, LA is an junior in the School of Kinesiology pursuing a concentration in Human Movement Science and Pre-Medicine. Additionally, Lauren is a double minor in Biological Sciences and Psychology.

LSU Because...

Lauren was certain that her decision to enroll in LSU would not only provide a breakthrough for herself and her future, but embrace her in a sense of authenticity and personal reach. She was won over by the heart of the school and a contagious spirit around campus. The people, the curriculum, the world-changing opportunities, and much more are just a few of the reasons Lauren became set on LSU when it was time to search for place to call home for what she knew then would be the time of her life.

Most importantly, she credits LSU with giving her invaluable experiences that she will take with her during the transition from undergraduate to professional pursuits, including the rigor of medical school. A huge impact on Lauren was the opportunity to travel to different places in the world like Ghana in West Africa.

When asked how to refer to the LSU family as a whole, she quickly revealed that the campus has helped her achieve personal growth, success and an overwhelming sense of leadership.

My LSU Experience

Walking across the stage as an LSU alum is one of the proudest moments for a Tiger. Expressing pleasant surprise, she enjoys being able to manage her priorities with an ideal balance. As her college career time at LSU at CHSE first began, she was worried that she would not have the ability to the find the balance that many students search for.

Lauren is involved in numerous activities, but counts time spent with her family in the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority particularly special.

"I have been able to join multiple organizations I am passionate about, contribute to scientific research, be a leader in service and other fields, volunteer often, succeed in academics and have a lot of fun whether it be at a football game or social event."

Lauren does not know the definition of inactive as she has been involved in Volunteer LSU, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Minority Women's Movement, leadership in International Service Breaks, and Minority Science and Pre-Professional Society.

One of the greatest highlights Lauren positively reflects on throughout her adventure as a Tiger is International Service Breaks. LSU offers countless volunteering organizations and events; Lauren is proud to discuss the life-changing moment of receiving the opportunity to travel to Ghana as a team leader. Throughout this trip, she interacted with and impacted the lives of the Ghanaians that she met. For Lauren, the gap between the starting and end point does not exist. The time of growth, memories and change are only a few values that she prioritizes. 

"LSU has provided the perfect space for me to do everything I dreamed of doing in my college life thus far," said Bagneris.

The Impact of LSU Faculty

"My favorite faculty member is Dr. Wanda Hargroder. She was the first person I was introduced to when I was interested in enrolling LSU. She was also the Rector of the CHSE

Lauren Bagneris

Lauren Bagneris proudly receiving an award for her work at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas.

Residential College where I resided. She has been a great listener and an honest opinion in times of need. She has given me tremendous amounts of wonderful advice while preparing for medical school.

Most important of all, [Dr. Hargroder] has been a friendly face in a large campus, taught me how to always stay competitive and always aim for success no matter how big the task may seem."

The Next Step...

Upon graduation, Lauren will pursue her PhD with aims of becoming an OB/GYN or a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon.

"Once I am a practicing physician, one of my main aspirations is to join the Doctors Without Borders program to deliver medical care in obstetrics and gynecology to underprivileged populations in impoverished communities. Another future career goal of mine is to open a few non-profit health and wellness clinics in cities around the United States and even on a global scale."