School of Kinesiology September Student Spotlight: Stacy Imagbe

Our September Student Spotlight highlights PhD candidate Stacy Imagbe.

photo of Stacy Imagb

Stacy Imagbe is a second year PhD candidate in the School of Kinesiology. She is from Houston, TX and is specializing in Pedagogy and Psychology.

Read more about Stacy below.

Tell me about your involvement in the School of Kinesiology and on campus.
I am a graduate teaching assistant in the Kinesiology department. I am also a member of the Black Graduate & Professional Student Association, and True Life Change Organization.

How did you choose to study Kinesiology?
I have always been active from a young age and fascinated with the human body. As time passed, I became more interested in the psychological aspect of physical activity and fitness promotion, and how children and youth can reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

What are you looking to pursue after you graduate?
I am working towards securing a faculty position at a research institution after I graduate.

What advice would you have for your fellow students?
I would advise students to be intentional with each career decision they make and to focus on their own goals and journey because comparison can be the thief of passion and joy.

Anything else you'd like to include?
My hobbies are running and completing 500+ jigsaw puzzles.