Happy Holidays from the College of Human Sciences & Education!

This beautiful holiday card artwork was created by Therese Knowles' art students at the University Laboratory School. Each year we collaborate to share the students' artwork that will inspire us, as the college and its six schools share one important mission - improving quality of life across the lifespan.


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The College of Human Sciences & Education is proud of our "living, learning laboratories." In our college, we study humans. Tiny humans. Not-so-tiny humans. Young humans. Old humans. And yes, even the remains of humans. We learn how they react, how they're influenced by their environments, how they learn, what makes them grow (or not), and how we can make their lives better, healthier, and happier. Our labs, centers, and institutes are one way that our students get hands-on, real-life experience.

University Laboratory School | Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool
Cadaver Lab | Biomechanics/Neuromuscular Control Laboratory | Sensorimotor/Motor Control Laboratory
Fine Motor Control and Learning Laboratory | Life Course and Aging Center | Leadership Development Institute


Click on each image below to see a larger view of the artwork and the artist's name.



Elizabeth Reich - 11th gradeHannah Kaplan - 9th gradeEmma Lancaster - 10th gradeSydeny Goldberg - 11th grade

Emma Lancaster - 10th gradeMarjori Pope - 10th gradeMorgan Brown - 10th gradeChloe Loup - 11th grade

Dylan Rathoke - 11th gradeHolly Belleau - 11th gradeCarrington Gray - 12th gradeOlivia Vance - 10th grade

Sierra Mays - 11th gradeMya Gravois - 9th gradeLauren Bankston - 10th gradeMaddie Bonvillain - 10th grade

Lauren Bankston - 10th gradeKathryn ThomasHannah Traylor - 10th gradeJack Moran - 10th grade

Aidan Grate - 12th gradeJohn Fielding Woolf - 11th gradeMarjori Pope - 10th gradeAnna Sneugrove - 11th grade

Clacey Tippetts - 12th gradeAndrew Moore - 9th gradeLivia Roy - 9th gradeAllison Parker - 10th grade

NJ Hymel - 11th gradeGrayson Ussery - 9th gradeJulia Blandino - 11th gradeRohnny Haliburton - 11th grade

Briana Mullenix - 11th gradeElizabeth Hackenberg - 12th gradeVictoria Labarre - 10th gradeJohannah Cangelosi - 11th grade

Callie Engle - 12th gradeSofia Politz - 9th gradeXander Murrill - 10th gradeSarah Tarver - 11th grade

Marian Richardson - 11th gradeMorgan Brown - 10th gradeTianna Kelley - 9th gradeTaylor Ward - 11th grade

Alyssa Fisher - 11th gradeHadley Kronick - 9th grade



About CHSE

The College of Human Sciences & Education (CHSE) is a nationally accredited division of Louisiana State University. The College is comprised of the School of Education, the School of Leadership and Human Resource Development, the School of Kinesiology, the School of Library and Information Science, the School of Social Work, and the University Laboratory School. These combined schools offer 8 undergraduate degree programs and 18 graduate programs, enrolling more than 1,900 undergraduate and 977 graduate students. The College is committed to achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, and service and is continually working to improve its programs.

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