Reviews diversity issues within the College, including recruitment and retention of students and faculty. Proposes policies and practices encouraging a culture of inclusiveness. Makes recommendations based on findings and submits annual report (Spring) to the Dean. (Meets at least twice per academic semester)

Suzanne Stauffer, SLIS (2018-2019 thru 2019-2020) Chair

Marc Dalecki, SOK (2018-2019 thru 2019-2020)

Tyree Mitchell, SLHRD (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Jen Scott, SSW (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Kerri Tobin, SOE (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019)

Aimee Welch, ULS (2018-2019 thru 2019-2020)

Ex officio: Dereck Rovaris