Distance & Online Learning

To provide guidance and recommendations about the directions the college should take with regard to initiating, expanding and supporting its distance and online programming. Makes recommendations based on findings and submits annual report (Spring) to the Dean. (Meets as needed)

Carol Barry, SLIS (2018-2019 thru 2019-2020)

Ozzie Crocco, SLHRD (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019, 2020)

Andrew Folks, OTS (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019, 2020)                           

Carlos Lee, SOE (2018-2019 thru 2019-2020)             

Elaine Maccio, SSW (2018-2019 thru 2019-2020)

Mike Martinez, SOK (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019, 2020)

Arend Van Gemmert, Dean’s Office (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019, 2020) Chair

Ex officio: Casey Bennett, Rob Lyles, Doug Waddell