Online Master of Arts in Education with a Specialization in Higher Education Administration

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Complete Coursework: as little as 24 months  |  Credit Hours: 36 

This program prepares students for key positions in colleges and universities as administrators, educators and scholars. Designed and taught by the respected faculty from the College of Human Sciences and Education, the M.A. in Higher Education Administration examines the diverse nature of higher education institutions and their diverse community of stakeholders.

The course curriculum helps candidates develop the leadership vision, industry expertise and management skills needed to assume leadership positions across a broad spectrum of higher education fields—including admissions, financial aid, counseling, Greek affairs, student activities, alumni relations, and career planning and placement. All master's candidates in the HEA concentration will be required to complete a standard comprehensive final exam. Students may choose to complete a web-based portfolio or write a reflective essay.

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The program consists of 12 courses. Each course is 7 weeks long.

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ELRC 4364: Student Affairs in Higher Education
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Basic concepts and issues in the college student affair field

ELRC 7601: Foundations of Higher Education
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
History of the sociological and philosophical foundations for higher education in the United States.

ELRC 4249: Understanding and Applying Research in Education
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
For the specialist or nonthesis master's degree student. Instructing teachers and administrators to become intelligent consumers of research

ELRC 7611: College Students in the United States
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Critical analysis of issues related to college students in the United States, including access, choice, climate, student organizations, and development and identity.

ELRC 4365: Basic Course in Interpersonal Communication
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Introduction to basic communication skills and counseling techniques

ELRC 7612: Student Development Theory
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Explores the development of students in the higher education environment, including theories and research related to intellectual, moral, ego, psychosocial, career, and spiritual development.

ELRC 7404: Internship in Educational Administration
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
For advanced graduate students qualified for internship in educational administration. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

ELRC 7890 (Formerly ELRC 7607): Finance in Higher Education
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Public policy and theory of financing higher education; topics include tuition, pricing, tuition policy, financial management of institutions, and financial aid.

ELRC 7605: Higher Education and the Law
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Legal issues concerning higher education, including tenure, academic freedom, campus crime, sexual harassment, laws against discrimination, student discipline, and liability for accidents and injuries.

ELRC 7613: Community College
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3

ELRC 7964: Capstone
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3

ELRC 7610: Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
Duration: 7 weeks | Credit hours: 3
Analysis of assessment and evaluation practices in higher education; role of assessment in policy development and strategic planning.



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