Text art that says Thank you to our annual appeal donors!

Donors 2018/2019

Learning ($500 - $999)

Alison Satake and Michael Polito
Jing Zhou and Ye Xu

Curiosity ($250 - $499)

Nancy Andrews and Amie Cardwell
Catherine and Stephen David
Danielle and Isaac Erbele
Amy and Joshua Fennell
Jenny Geisman*
Missy and John Korduner
Chaunda and Roland Mitchell
Maxine and Al Satake*

Discovery ($1 - $249)

Colette Anderson*
Hiral and Christopher Arges
Gundela Hachmann and
Richard Barbalace
Angela and Nick Barnes
Lindsey Kelly and
Kristen Bateman
Mary and Everett Birdsell*
Alyssa and Kenneth Bohnert
Nichole and Matthew Bonilla
Katie and Rodney Boyd
Teresa and John Broussard
Elizabeth and Blake Canfield
Karen and John Church
Jeri and James Corbitt*
Darren Desoto
Cynthia DiCarlo
Baoji Hu and Kunlun Ding
Wendy and Rowdy Gaudet
Cami and Hunter Geisman
Katie Vance and Brian Giandelone
Ashley and Miguel Gutierrez
Jillian Raxsdale and
Aaron Harrington
Fawwaz Hazzazi
Heather and Brandon Hebron
Ginger and Roy Hebron*
Susan Holland*
Rayne and Brandon Hurley
Charlene Jenkins
Ines and Brian Johnson
Lisa and George Jourdan*
Christina Primo-Jourdan and
Matthew Jourdan
Christine Lattin and Daniel Keniston
Mary Lynn and Cleve Langlois*
Rena and Josh Langlois
Kimberly and Josh LeSage
Anna and Don Long
Kathryn and Dustin Loveless
Xiaofen Huang and Fengyuan Lu
Veronica Manrique
Jolene and Huey Maranto*
Ashley and David Mullens
Jennifer and Kenneth Neal
Tran Van and Phuc Nguyen
Se Hye Kim and Raymond Pingree
Bo Wang and Yan Qi
Brennan and Brian Rodriguez
Nicolette Ross
Brooke and Ken Rust
Revati Kumar and Raahul
Jacqueline Stewart*
Jennie Stewart
Xi and Andrew Stich
Gloria Thomas
Christine and Daniel Tirone
Amy and Greg Upton
Gwen Wang and Jeff VanVooren
Angie Lockwood and Justin Vincent
Wendy and Tom Willis*

* Indicates Grandparent

Is your name missing? Our apologies! Every effort has been made to publish the most accurate donor information possible. Although we pride ourselves on our accuracy and reliability, errors or omissions sometimes occur. Please contact the Development Office at brust@lsu.edu or (225) 578-3148 and corrections will be made immediately. Thank you.