Meet the Peabody Society Alumni & Friends Board 

Established in 1999, the Peabody Society is a distinguished group of alumni and friends who are dedicated to assisting the College of Human Sciences & Education in attracting resources in support of its mission and goals.  Members of the Peabody Society promote the college and its programs, assist in development activities designed to enhance education and research goals, and serve as advocates for the college within their communities.

The Peabody Society is named after George Peabody, "the father of modern philanthropy", who focused his life on improving society, promoting education, and providing the poor with the means to help themselves.

Members of the Peabody Society Alumni & Friends Board meet three to four times per year to serve the college through fundraising, voluntarism, relationship building and advocacy. The background, education, and skills of this diverse and exceptional group facilitate growth and support of the college by their engagement of alumni, donors, and community partners. 

Board members for 2019-2020 include the following individuals:

Annette Ballard

Dinah Bradford

Sister Judith Brun

Warren Drake

Gerald Drefahl

Bridger Eglin

James Gilmore

John Gum

Rebecca Hamilton

Nancy Hammatt

Kathy Hill

Amelia Lee

Wally McMakin

Buck Moyse

John Painter

Shirley Porter

Brett Richard

Dot Rumfellow

Melanie Sims