Dean’s Circle Projects

On May 18, 2015, members of the Dean’s Circle gathered to review proposals submitted by CHSE faculty members. Listed below are the proposals they recommended for funding. More than $22,000 was funded by the Dean’s Circle for faculty research and outreach projects - thank you for your investment!


A Critical Evaluation of a Statewide Child Welfare Initiative:  Increasing Opportunities for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care - Every year more than 20,000 young people age out of foster care, often with limited resources and without a permanent family.  This research will evaluate a child welfare initiative that was designed to equip foster care youth and those who age out with knowledge of available community resources.  A summative and formative evaluation will be conducted.  A report of findings and recommendations will be provided to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services.


A Test of the Internal/External Frame of Reference Model of Self-Concept in the Physical Domain - This project will investigate the matching-nonmatching hypothesis of physical self-Concept that suggests obtaining high levels of achievement in one physical context may reduce self-concepts in other physical contexts.  This project will test the matching-nonmatching hypothesis of physical self-concept with elementary, middle, and high school students using objective measures of achievement.


Black Youth and the Desegregation of Public Libraries in Louisiana:  An Oral History Project - A recent study identified a number of young black people who were instrumental in desegregating public libraries in Louisiana in the 1960s using such tactics of non-violent protest as sit-ins and read-ins.  Using a list of names provided by the study's author, this project will seek to obtain oral histories from as many of these individuals as possible.


Critical Academic Mentoring Program - The Critical Academic Mentoring Program (CAMP) will provide through, ongoing, and sustained development of graduate students toward research and publication.  Ten CAMP research fellows enter the year-long program in August 2015 and will work with faculty toward submission of five publications and one grant proposal targeted toward school-to-prison pipeline.


Influence of Gender and Race on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk Factors - The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of gender and race on non-invasive and traditional cardiovascular disease risk factors during rest and exercise.


Learning through Mentoring and Being Mentored:  A Longitudinal Exploration of Partnerships & Collaboration to Cultivate Productive Learning Opportunities for Mentor Teachers and Pre-service Teachers Within and Across Different Disciplinary Methods Courses in the Elementary Grades Teacher Education Program - This project responds to the call of "the need for stronger partnerships and collaboration between schools, districts, and preparation programs" by the Louisiana Department of Education.  We seek to develop an observation tool that orients conversation during feedback sessions toward reform-oriented teaching practices.


Resilience Following Child Neglect:  Protective Factors for Mental Health and Academic Achievement - The proposed research examines the protective factors for mental health and academic outcomes of neglected children.  By utilizing resilience theory and ecological theory, multidimensional (individual, peer, family, neighborhood, school, and community level) protective factors will be explored.


Supporting Adolescent Girls' Academic and Personal Development:  A Partnership between THRIVE Academy and LSU, Year Two
- The current project is a continuation of a collaborative effort between THRIVE Academy, a boarding school serving to empower students from under-served areas in Baton Rouge, and an interdisciplinary team of female faculty and administrators from LSU.  The first year was funded through a Dean's Circle grant, and we are seeking additional funds to support a second year-long book club.



Virtual Footlocker Phase 1:  Exploring the Personal Archiving and Recordkeeping Habits of the 21st Century Soldier - This project will explore the personal archiving and record-keeping habits of the modern soldier through surveying 1,000 active duty and veteran military members.  The analyzed data will support the development of an open-source, cross-system platform system for capturing and preserving the personal communication and documentary record of the modern soldier.