Strategic Plan


The College of Human Sciences & Education enhances quality of life across the lifespan by actively engaging in research, teaching, professional service, and global engagement that enables individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.



By 2025, the College of Human Sciences & Education will be recognized by leading organizations in the professions for

  • Its local, national, and international contributions to knowledge, policy, and practice by research and published scholarship
  • Preparing diverse, expert, engaged, and ethically grounded professionals; and
  • Empowering individuals and organizations through development, stewardship, and collaborative community partnerships to improve quality of life throughout the lifespan


The College of Human Sciences & Education values scholarship, collaboration, diversity, engagement, and lifelong learning.

Discovery/Research: The College of Human Sciences and Education will contribute to LSU’s research-intensive mission by providing scholarship to advance knowledge and practice.

Performance Indicators:

  • Authorship on publications in scholarly, peer-reviewed national and international publications will average a minimum of two per year per tenured and tenure-track faculty within a 7-year period from 2018-2025
  • Sponsored research program proposals will reach a total of 70 proposal submissions annually from 2018-2025
  • The number of awarded grants per total tenure track faculty will be 50 annually from 2018-2025
  • Sponsored research expenditures will reach $8.5 million annually from 2018-2025

Teaching/Learning: The College will offer innovative and challenging programs to attract, retain, and graduate students who excel in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and effective communication.


Performance Indicators:

  • College undergraduate student enrollment overall will rise by 10% from 2018-2025
    College retention of second year to third year undergraduate students will increase from 76% to 80% from 2018-2025
  • College enrollment for graduate students will increase by 7% from 2018-2025
  • College 6th year undergraduate graduation rates will increase to 72% from 2018-2025
  • Annual credit hours will increase 10% from 2018-2025
  • Graduate level degree completers will increase 10% from 2018-2025
  • LSU Online program enrollment will increase by 50% from 2018-2025
  • Student enrollment in graduate certificate programs will increase by 200% from 2018-2025
  • Communication-intensive and honors courses will increase by 10%

Diversity: The College will develop and nurture educational and professional environments that serve diverse, under-represented, oppressed, and vulnerable populations.

Performance Indicators:

  • Increase student enrollment both graduate and undergraduate by 2% each year from under-represented populations by major field of study from 2018-2025
  • Increase international student enrollment by 3% from 2018-2025
  • Increase faculty and staff hires from under-represented groups by 10% from 2018-2025.
  • Provide at least one Professional Education offering per year that addresses diversity issues (e.g. Quality of Life Speaker Series)
  • Increase culturally immersive experiences through curriculum components and assignments by 10% each year from 2018-2025 (example, study abroad opportunities, the Students Engaged in Education and Service (SEEdS)

Engagement: The College will cultivate engagements among our local, national and global communities focused on addressing contemporary challenges to deepen civic and academic learning, enhance community well-being, and enrich scholarship.


Performance Indicators:

  • Increase the number of local and national engagement activities by faculty, students and/or staff by 10% from 2018-2025
  • Increase the number of international engagement activities by faculty, students and/or staff by 10% from 2018-2025
  • Increase the number of students participating in courses with service learning designation by 10% from 2018-2025
  • Increase participation in the college’s continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities by 25% from 2018-2025


Strategic Plan in Action


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The College of Human Sciences & Education is dedicated to improving quality of life across the lifespan.


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