Lindsey CourvilleCHSE Ambassador Lindsey Courville


Lindsey is in CHSE's School of Kinesiology with a concentration in Human Movement Science.








Q: Why did you choose the College of Human Sciences & Education?

A: In high school, I was able to shadow different occupations in the hospital setting, and occupational therapy interested me the most. I knew that CHSE would allow me to achieve my dream of becoming an occupational therapist. CHSE provides interesting courses, exceptional teachers, and a sense of community, especially in a large setting like LSU.


Q: What are you most excited for this semester?

A: I’m most excited for my developmental psychology class this fall. I’ve taken two other psychology classes at LSU and they’ve both been very interesting. I want to be an occupational therapist, and I could work in schools, clinics, home-visits, hospitals, and nursing homes, so there are lots of different age groups I could work with. By studying how and why people change throughout their lives, I’ll be better equipped to work with a variety of age groups in the future.


Q: What is your favorite aspect of the College of Human Sciences & Education?

A: My favorite aspect of CHSE is the variety of courses that are offered. I will be taking an Aerobic Dance class in the fall. I'm very excited for this course because I've danced most of my life but have never taken a dance activity course at LSU. In past semesters at LSU, I have taken jogging and weight lifting courses, and these have both been such great active, learning experiences. 

I also hope to take the cadaver lab in the future because this course is only offered to the students of CHSE, so I would like to take advantage of this awesome and rare opportunity. I enjoy learning about human anatomy, and this course would definitely take it to the next level!


Q: Why did you apply to be a CHSE Ambassador?

A: I wanted to become a CHSE Ambassador to become more involved with the college and to be able to help incoming students with questions they may have.


Q: Do you have any specific goals as a CHSE Ambassador?

A: I would like to plan more events that will allow CHSE students to become informed, involved and more interactive with one another. I think that would provide a more enjoyable college experience.  


Q: What advice would you give to someone contemplating your major?

A:  I would advise them to do some research and shadowing for all the different fields that this major offers. It’s helpful to see the day-to-day routine of any occupation because you can imagine what your future could be like. A kinesiology major offers so many different job opportunities that are worth exploring and that so many individuals see themselves doing. I would also advise someone to talk to current students in CHSE about the courses that he/she would be required to take. It is important to be interested in order to succeed, and that is the ultimate goal for any student! 


Q: What is something that surprised you about LSU or CHSE?

A: As an incoming freshman, I was very nervous about the enormous size of LSU and CHSE. I was surprised to feel such a great sense of community in both. CHSE provides amazing professors that are more than willing to help in any way that they can. Their encouragement motivates me to always do my best. I’ve also been able to meet so many students who share the same interests as myself. LSU has become more personal and much smaller in my eyes through forming these relationships with professors and students.


An interesting fact about myself is that I’ve had glasses since I was two, beginning with some stylish Harry Potter ones.


My dream job would be to become an occupational therapist working with children in a school system.


My favorite LSU tradition is when the Tiger Band marches down the hill before football games. I remember watching this ever since I was little, and I’d have to admit I still get as excited as I did then. 




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