Jacob Schipper


1. Classification/ Year/ Hometown:

Sophomore/2021/Atlanta, GA


2. Major/ Concentration:

Sports Administration/Leadership


3. Future Plans/ Career Goals after graduation/ Dream Job:

My dream job is to be a physical therapist for a major sports team.


4. Why did you choose LSU?

I chose LSU because it has a great Kinesiology program plus I wanted to be a part of a great SEC family because I love sports especially football.


5. Why did you choose a program in CHSE?

Every summer during high school I volunteered to be a counselor at a camp called Camp Dreamstreet. This camp givers kids with physical and/or mental disabilities such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy a great camp experience that makes them feel like a normal kid. Dreamstreet gives them opportunities that they normally would be limited by their diagnosis. They can swim, ride horses, and play any sports and games they want. There are a lot of physical therapists and occupational therapists that volunteer for Dreamstreet, and I’ve talked to them and saw the impact they can have on these kids’ life by trying to help them. Seeing how much help physical therapists can do has really got me hooked and determined to become a physical therapist.


6. What advice would you give someone contemplating your major?

If someone was contemplating my major, I would first inform him or her that the major is very broad and there are numerous amounts of careers that could be used with the major so the student doesn't feel limitless. I would also mention how Sports Administration is an accredited major at LSU meaning the curriculum is up to date and the program ensures the best professors. The accreditation process is voluntary and it shows how serious LSU is committed to Sports Administration.


7. Why did you apply to become a CHSE Ambassador?

I wanted to become an ambassador because I enjoy being a part of the CHSE family and want to get future tigers to join the family.


8. Goal as a CHSE Ambassador:

As a CHSE Ambassador, I plan on giving the best advice about college to potential LSU students and helping them with anything they need. I would like to be looked at as a mentor to a few students as well. I also plan on building bonds with other ambassadors.


9. What are you most excited about this semester?

I’m excited to take Prossection because I think it will be awesome to study the body and have a hands on learning experience.


10.  What is something that surprised you about LSU or CHSE?

 I had no idea how wild and crazy it got in Death Valley. Before my first LSU game, I’ve been to many games in Oxford and Starkville, but there’s no comparison to an LSU home game.


11.   What is an interesting fact about you?

One interesting fact about me is that I cannot stand marshmallows. If anyone asks what I’m allergic to I say marshmallows because I just hate them that much.


12.   Favorite LSU tradition, elaborate:

My favorite LSU tradition is definitely tailgating.


13.   Favorite inspirational quote & who said it:

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." - Maya Angelou