Harli Lockhart


Q: Why did you choose LSU?

A:  I chose LSU because I was born and raised loving it. My dad is an LSU alum and he had my blood running purple and gold from the time I could walk. I did apply to other colleges when I was a senior in high school, but after touring the beautiful campus and attending my first tailgate and game, I knew this atmosphere was where I wanted to spend my college career.


Q: Why did you choose Education as your major?

A:  I have always loved working with children, especially the babies. I first chose to be Dual Cert because I figured having that extra certification would just be an added bonus, but since I’ve been in college, I have discovered a profound love in myself for children with special needs and I truly believe I can help them achieve great things.


Q: What are you most excited for this semester?

A: This semester, I am most excited to get more involved in my college and to form new relationships with staff and students. Everyone in this college has been nothing short of incredible and I hope to add to that legacy.


Q: Why did you apply to be a CHSE Ambassador?

A:  I applied to be a CHSE Ambassador for the sole purpose of being more involved and being able to help people in my college and community. This experience has been incredible and I have not even been an ambassador for a full year!


Q: What advice would you give to someone contemplating your major?

A:  For people contemplating a Dual Cert major, I would suggest that you just try it. You will have two certifications under your belt which opens so many more doors and options than just being an elementary or special ed major. The curriculum for elementary education is very similar to that of the Dual Cert. major. You’re not in college any longer than anyone else, either. There is literally no downside to a Dual Cert major.


Q: What is something that surprised you about LSU or CHSE?

A:  One thing that surprised me about LSU and CHSE is all of the things you can get involved in and be apart of. From events for students to all of the clubs and organizations to the intramural sports. I would’ve never guessed LSU or CHSE would have so many ways to reach out to so many different students.


Q: What do you plan to do with your degree once you graduate?

A: Once I graduate, I plan to jump right into my career. I hope to move to Texas to teach in a diverse classroom with students of all needs. I also hope to one day receive my Master’s degree.


An interesting fact about me is I have four names!     


My dream job would be to help special needs children accomplish their dreams!


My favorite LSU tradition Tailgating for football games, of course!