dejavercherCHSE Ambassador Deja Vercher 


Deja is in CHSE's School of Kinesiology with a minor in Biological Sciences. 








Q: Why did you choose LSU?

A: I made up in my mind that LSU would be my home away from home when I was in the 4th grade, as I became older and was able to visit the campus, my decision was solidified. The campus, the people, FOOTBALL SEASON, it’s definitely the total package! There’s no place like LSU and I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else.


Q: Why did you choose Kinesiology/Pre-Med as your major?

A: I chose Kinesiology/ Pre-Med because it’s always been my dream to become an OB/GYN one day; the Kinesiology route would benefit me most when it came to being prepared for pre-professional school. I love my college (CHSE), we’re truly a family and there’s always someone in your corner to help whenever you may need it. 


Q: What are you most excited for this semester?

A: As always, I’m most excited for football season. Saturday nights in Death Valley are one of a kind. I’m also excited to embark on my journey as a CHSE Ambassador. As Chair of Special Events, we have lots of great things coming up for the future and I can’t wait to see our impact on campus and the surrounding community.   


Q: Why did you apply to be a CHSE Ambassador?

A: After being a Cypress Hall resident my freshman year and seeing the CHSE Ambassadors at multiple events such as Move-In Day & Supper in the Swamp, it was nice to see people my age and of my major talk, interact, and answer any questions that anyone may have had. This really motivated me to want to be a part of an organization such as this one.


Q: What advice would you give to someone contemplating your major?

A: GO FOR IT! It will be challenging, but in the end it will all be worth it. With hard work and dedication anything can be accomplished! 


Q: What is something that surprised you about LSU or CHSE?

A: One thing that somewhat surprised me most about CHSE is how dedicated our staff is. Anytime someone has a problem, concern, or just needed to talk, there’s ALWAYS someone in your corner. Regardless if it’s a counselor, maybe a professor, or maybe even an ambassador. CHSE, in my opinion, is one of the colleges with the most resources available around campus.  


Q: What do you plan to do with your degree once you graduate?

A: Once I graduate, I plan to attend medical school and further my dreams of becoming an OB-GYN. Oh, and I can’t forget getting married and starting a family once all of that is over! 



An interesting fact about me is I LOVE NAPS. Nothing compares to a nap on any day!         


My dream job would be practicing as an OB-GYN in a private facility owned by me.   


My favorite LSU tradition is attending the parade before every home football game, that’s one thing I’ll never miss!



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