alexisfbCHSE Ambassador Alexis Friedman-Benton


Alexis is Child & Family Studies major in CHSE's School of Social Work.









Q: Why did you choose LSU?

A: I chose LSU because I fell in love with the University on my tour. It is rich in spirit and being a student here is a once in a lifetime experience.


Q: Why did you choose Child & Family Studies as your major?

A: I hope to help others through my profession. This major is centered around development and will prepare me to make a difference in children’s lives. 


Q: What are you most excited for this semester?

A: This semester I will be volunteering with an Occupational Therapist as part of an internship course at LSU. This, along with my involvement with CHSE Ambassadors, is what I am looking forward to most this semester. 


Q: Why did you apply to be a CHSE Ambassador?

A: I applied to become an ambassador because I love the college we are in and wanted to help other students become more aware of the opportunities offered within it. 


Q: What advice would you give to someone contemplating your major?

A: I would urge them to try a class and do research on paths they could take with this major. I would also emphasize my love for learning about this subject and how much it has benefited me academically as well as my worldview. 


Q: What is something that surprised you about LSU or CHSE?

A: LSU is a very big university so the family-like feel throughout campus and within CHSE surprised me. 


Q: What do you plan to do with your degree once you graduate?

A: Following graduation, I plan to apply to an Occupational Therapy program. 




An interesting fact about me is I have traveled to three countries outside of the United States.     


My dream job would be working with elderly or autistic children as an Occupational Therapist.    


My favorite LSU tradition is singing chants as a whole student body at LSU football games.




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