Understanding Current and Projected Gulf OCS Labor and Port Infrastructure Needs

David Dismukes and Allan Pulsipher. Funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service and the LSU Coastal Marine Institute. Project Funding:$159,738.

This project is comprised of two parts: a labor needs analysis and ports infrastructure needs analysis. The primary component of analysis for both of these sub-projects will be a workshop series to explore, scope, and seek input and conclusions on numerous important issues facing the offshore industry in both its labor and port infrastructure needs and requirements.

The labor needs portion of this analysis will be structured to lay an important framework for examining these issues, among others, relative to the labor needs in the GOM region that support offshore activities. As will be discussed in the methods section of this proposal, the labor needs analysis of this project is composed of two different components: (1) an analysis component which will compile existing and publicly available information on recent labor and employment trends; and (2) a workshop process to bring together various different stakeholder groups to discuss their concerns, impressions, and challenges in meeting labor requirements to support offshore activities.

The port infrastructure needs analysis will explore the real challenges facing ports and supply bases along the GOM from a comprehensive and interactive basis. The research being proposed will combined traditional research with a series of workshops that will bring together several port representatives and port customer to discuss their perceptions of challenges and opportunities over the past several years, and over the next several years.