An Intra-University Workshop on Characterizing Cumulative Socioeconomic Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development

Allan Pulsipher, Craig Colten (Department of Geography), William Bankston (Department of Sociology), and Joachim Singelmann (Department of Sociology). Funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, and the LSU Coastal Marine Institute. Project Funding: $95,507.

An organized interchange of experience and ideas among the researchers and students who are participating or have participated in socioeconomic research projects will provide both LSU researchers and Minerals Management Service a more comprehensive, consistent, integrated, and useful understanding of the dimensions of socioeconomic effects of offshore oil and gas development. Both a "top-down," or theoretical approach and a "bottoms-up" or "scoping" approach are used in the workshop.

A principal initial focus of the workshop was the adequacy of the "classic" socioeconomic impact model and the identification, evaluation, and demonstration of more useful and appropriate alternative models and methodologies. The focus of the study is now the effects of offshore development on the recreation and tourism sectors of coastal regions and communities.