Industry Development and Capital Investment Issues and Energy Savings Benefits Created by Unconventional Oil and Gas Development 

David Dismukes.  Funded by America's Natural Gas Alliance.  Project Funding: $96,359.

This study examines the broad positive economic impacts that are created in the Louisiana economy when natural gas supplies are diverse and more abundant; leading to natural gas prices that are affordably priced and less volatile.  The study focuses primarily on the benefits created to specific Louisiana industries; and to a lesser extent, the broader impacts on Gulf coast industry outside of the state; it draws inferences and cites additional benefits created across the U.S. in terms of the industrial development benefits being generated by unconventional natural gas resources.

The study attempts to capture, if not quantitatively, then qualitatively, the additional benefits that unconventional natural gas has on feedstock use, steam and heat use, and power generation use. 

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