Determining the Economic Value of Coastal Preservation and Restoration on Critical Energy Infrastructure

David Dismukes and Michelle Barnett. Funded by Save America's Estuaries.

The purpose of this research is twofold: (1) to examine the state of the literature estimating the impacts of coastal restoration on energy infrastructure and (2) to scope the issue and offer suggestions on how the literature could be improved, or new, more effective methods for evaluating this issue could be determined. This research examines any potential synergies that may exist between the coastal environment and energy infrastructure, rather than assessing the causes of coastal erosion or examining the role that energy production, development or maintenance of energy infrastructure plays in coastal erosion. These synergies, in turn, may lead to good indicators of value for the impact that coastal restoration has on energy infrastructure.

The leading question in this review is: to what extent do coastal restoration activities benefit energy infrastructure and is there any way to value this potential benefit?