Combined Heat and Power in Louisiana: Opportunities for Improving Resiliency, Emissions Compliance Requirements and Efficiency


David Dismukes.  Funded by Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.  Project Funding: $90,000.

The objectives of this study are to update prior work assessing the current state of the CHP industry and its technical/cost-effectiveness potential with particular emphasis on changes that have arisen over the past 24 months with the actual industrial/petrochemical expansion.

This research will incorporate two additional new research topics.  The first will examine the degree to which CHP can assist in facilitating electric power system resiliency and reliability.  The second topic will examine the degree to which CHP could be used as a compliance option for meeting any future potential clean climate regulatory requirements, like those envisioned in the Environmental Protection Agency's recently-promulgated Clean power Plan.

The results from this research can be used to facilitate improvements in Louisiana's energy efficiency, energy security, reliability, and emergency response capabilities.