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Learn From the Best


CC&E is leading the way in exploring environmental, social, and economic sustainability in coastal landscapes from the Mississippi River to deltaic zones around  the  world. Here are just a few examples: 





Nancy Rabalais is leading the effort to understand the causes of low oxygen and acidification in coastal waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico (also known as the Dead Zone) and her work has even been featured on TEDWomen.




ed overton



Ed Overton, Professor Emeritus, studies how the compounds that make up crude oil change after the oil is spilled into marine environments and how those changes affect the surrounding environments.
john day
John Day, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, is so well-respected in his field that his work has been referenced in over 20,000 other scholarly publications as of June 2018.
jennifer brum
Jennifer R. Brum is studying aquatic viruses that infect bacteria in oxygen minimum zones and hydrothermal vents—two of the most extreme environments on Earth.


crystal johnson
Crystal Johnson studies the relationship between city-dwelling birds and antibiotic-resistant bacteria by collecting bacterial samples from birds that are representative of their environment. These birds serve as an indicator of the long-term public health impacts of urbanization.
mike polito

Michael Polito is a trophic ecologist who studies how organisms interact with each other and their environment through the lens of what they eat. He was part of an Antarctic expedition that led to the discovery of 1.5 million penguins on the Danger Islands.


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