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The CC&E Experience


Only at CC&E

The College of the Coast & Environment, or CC&E, is one of a few undergraduate programs in the nation that integrates oceanography, coastal, environmental and social sciences, providing graduates with diverse career opportunities.


Hands-on Lab and Field Experience  

CC&E has integrated the undergraduate student research experience into our curriculum, making it available to all CES students. All incoming freshman majoring in CES can participate in laboratory research. Students complete their chosen research projects (lab based, field-based, modeling, data analyses, conservation, energy, etc) with the guidance of CC&E faculty in our dedicated undergraduate research lab.

Research and Communications

  • At CC&E, first-year students are required take an orientation course designed to alleviate the fear of research. The course also helps students understand how to communicate effectively with faculty. 
  • CC&E also requires the OCS/ENVS 3999 course which helps undergraduate students identify research opportunities from the first year. This prepares students for an independent research project, which is a requirement for graduation. 
  • CC&E’s offers over ten Communication across the Curriculum, or CxC, courses. As the first program of its kind in the nation, written, spoken, visual, and technological communication skills are integrated into courses, providing an experiential learning platform for students while promoting communication of creative and intellectual ideas. 
  • Through the process of summarizing and presenting their research at CC&E’s Undergraduate Research Student Poster Symposium, LSU Discover, and national and international scientific conferences, undergraduates enhance their communication and social science skills. 


Big Campus Resources, Small Campus Feel

We know you by your name, not your student number. Our undergraduates receive personal touches such as:

  • Individually-tailored assistance for student success
  • Easily accessible faculty, advisors, and director
  • Graduate-level tutors provided, upon request
  • Additional services specifically for major exams
  • Welcoming student organizations
  • Life-long bonds with classmates
  • Rapid response to requests

100% Employment Rate One-hundred percent of Coastal Environmental Science (CES) graduates gain employment or acceptance into graduate programs within two months of graduation, to date.

 Where are our graduates now?

  • 46% Graduate School
  • 37% Workforce
  • 13% Professional programs
  • 4% Military

student working in lab

CC&E degrees open many doors.

CC&E’s multidisciplinary curriculum allows students to think critically, solve problems efficiently, and lead to a better-rounded employee.

Our flexible degrees apply to a wide range of career opportunities such as:

  • Attorney

  • Oceanographer

  • Climatologist

  • Public Health Official

  • Coastal Ecologist

  • State and Federal

  • Disaster Responder

  • Agency Scientist

  • Doctor

  • Veterinarian

  • Environmental Specialist

  • Writer 

 and more!


An Experience Like No Other

Student Connections

In addition to regular CC&E events, seminars, and spontaneous gatherings, students forge meaningful bonds through:

These organizations provide students with a variety of opportunities to connect with classmates such as crawfish boils, tailgates, and CEGO’s International Potluck, which celebrates the diversity of cultures represented at CC&E via cuisine from around the world.


photo of environmentors and mentees


Global Learning

CC&E offers study and research opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico, the Everglades National Park, Antarctica, and other locations around the globe!