Linda Hooper-BùiLinda M. Hooper-Bùi

Position: Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences


Bachelor's Degree(s): California State Univ. Long Beach. B.A. Biology. 1991.

Master's Degrees(s): University of California, Riverside. M.S. Entomology 1995.

Ph.D.(s): University of California, Riverside. Ph.D. Entomology 1998.

Biosketch: Biosketch of Linda M. Hooper-Bùi

Research Interests:

Community structure, niche theory, disturbance/disaster ecology and multi-stressors in ecosystems, climate change and sea-level rise, intricate details of basic biology about how insects and spiders survive stressors, food webs and nutrient dynamics – from large scale to minuscule.

Classes Taught:

Intro to Environmental Science

Conservation Biology (Fall)

Applied Ecology (Spring even years)

How to Write a Scientific Paper (Summer – McNair Scholars)

Ecosystem Ecology (in development stage)

Awards & Honors:

2012 Southeastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America’s 2012 award for Distinguished Achievement in Teaching.

2004 Youth Service America State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Award

2001 Orkin Award for Excellence in Research

Recent Publications:

X Chen, BJ Adams, A Sabo, T Crupi, LM Hooper-Bùi. 2016. Ant Assemblages and Co-Occurrence Patterns in Cypress-Tupelo Swamp. Wetlands. p. 1-13. doi: 10.1007/s13157-016-0795-y.

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Chen, X, BJ Adams, C Bergeron, LM Hooper-Bùi. 2015. Ant community structure and response to disturbances on coastal dunes of Gulf of Mexico. Insect Conservation 19:1. doi:10.1007/s10841-014-9722-9.

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