John R. WhiteJohn R. White

Position: Associate Dean of Research and Professor, John and Catherine Day Professor, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Phone: 225-578-8792

Fax: 225-578-6423



Office: 3239 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.S. Washington and Lee, 1988 (Geology)

Master's Degrees(s): M.S. Florida Institute of Technology, 1992 (Geological Oceanography) and Florida Institute of Technology, 1993 (Coastal Zone Management)

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. University of Florida, 1999 (Soll & Water Science - Focus on Wetland Biogeochemistry)


Research Interests:

Biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen and phosphorus in aquatic systems including coastal and freshwater wetlands, estuaries and lake sediments, treatment performance of constructed wetlands for nutrients and pharmaceuticals removal, dynamics of internal nutrient loading, microbial-mediated nutrient transformations, plant-nutrient dynamics

Classes Taught:

OCS 1005. Introduction to Oceanography (Spring)  3 credits

OCS 1010. Introduction to Coastal Environmental Science (Fall) 1 credit Co-taught with Dr. Bargu

OCS 4242. Wetlands and Water Quality (Spring) 3 credits – Service Learning Class

OCS 7165. Biogeochemistry of Wetland Soils and Sediments (Spring) 3 credits

Awards & Honors:

Coast & Environment Outstanding Faculty Research Award 2015

LSU Alumni Association Award for Faculty Excellence  2012

Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award  2011

Joe and Richard Lipsey Professional Educators Award  2008

Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award  2008

Coast & Environment Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award  2006


Professional Affiliations and Service Activities:

LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio – Executive Board Member

LSU Coastal Studies Institute – Associate Director

Selected Publications:

* = student led publications   Select list out of a total of 77 Peer-reviewed Journal Articles  


*Levine, B.M., J.R. White and R.D. DeLaune. 2017. Impacts of Long-Term Presence of buried Crude Oil on Salt Marsh Denitrification in Barataria Bay, Louisiana. Ecological Engineering. doi:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2016.11.017. In Press

Shaheen, S.M., T. Frohne, J.R. White, R.D. DeLaune, J. RInklebe. 2017. Redox-induced Mobilization of Copper Selenium and Zinc in Deltaic Soils originating from the Mississippi and Nile River Deltas: A better understanding of Biogeochemical Pocesses for Safer Environmental Management  Journal of Environmental Management. doi:10.1016/ j.envman.2016.05.032 In Press


*Hurst, N.R., J.R. White and J. Baustian. 2016. Nitrate Reduction in a Hydrologically Restored Bottomland Hardwood forest in the Mississippi River Watershed, Northern Louisiana. Soil Science Society of America Journal doi:10.2136/sssaj2016.08.0250 In Press

Berkowitz, J.F., *L. Green, C.M. VanZomeren, J.R. White2016. Evaluating Soil Properties and Potential Nitrate Removal in Wetlands Created Using a Novel “Engineering with Nature” Based Dredged Material Placement Technique. Ecological Engineering 97:381-388. doi:10.1016/ j.ecoleng.2016.10.022

*Steinmuller, H.E., S.A. Graham, J.R. White, M. McKee, I.A. Mendelssohn. 2016.A Decadal-Scale Nutrient Loading Study in a Coastal Wetland:Impacts on Soil Microbial Processes. Ecological Engineering 97:58-63.  doi:10.1016/ j.ecoleng.2016.07.008

*McKee, M., J.R. White L..A. Putnam Duhon. 2016. SImulated Storm Surge Effects on Freshwater Coastal Wetland Soil Porewater Salinity and Extractable Ammonium Levels: Implications for Marsh Recovery after Storm Surge. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 181-338-344.

DeLaune, R,D, J. RInklebe, H.H. Roberts and J.R. White2016. Trace Metal Concentrations in Marsh Profiles Under the Influence of an Emerging Delta (Atchafalaya River and Wax Lake Delta) Overlying a Several Thousand Year Old Mississippi River Delta Lobe. Soil and Sediment Contamination 25(3):552-562. doi:10:1080/15320383.2016.1174186

DeLaune, R.D., C.E. Sasser, E. Evers-Hebert, J.R. White and H.H. Roberts. 2016. Influence of the Wax Lake Sediment Diversion on Aboveground Plant Productivity and Carbon Stoarge in Deltaic Island and Mainland Coastal Marshes. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Sceince. 177:83-89.

*Roy, E.D., E.A. Smith, S. Bargu, J.R. White2016. Will Mississippi River diversions designed for coastal restoration cause harmful algal blooms? Ecological Engineering 91: 350-364

*Marks, B.W., L.G. Chambers, J.R. White2016. Effects of Fluctuating Salinity on Potential Denitrification in Coastal Wetland Soils and Sediments. Soil Science Society of America Journal 80:516-526

Shaheen, S.M., J. Rinklebe, T. Frohme, J.R. White, R.D. DeLaune. 2016. Redox Effects on Release Kinetics of Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt and Vanadium in Wax Lake Deltaic Freshwater Marsh Soils.  Chemosphere. 150: 740-748


Wafula, D. J.R. White, A. Canion, C. Jagoe, A. Pathak, and A. Chauhan. 2015. Impacts of Long-term Application of Domestic Treated Wastewater on Soil Biogeochemistry and Bacterial Community Structure. Applied Environmental Microbiology. 81:7143-7158.  

Adhikari, P.L., J.R. White and K. Maiti. 2015. Phosphorus Speciation and Sedimentary Phosphorus Release From the Gulf of Mexico Sediments: Implications for Hypoxia. Estuarine, Coast and Shelf Science. 164:77-85.

*Pietroski, J.P., J.R. White, R.D. DeLaune, J.J. Wang and Dodla. 2015. Effect of South Louisiana Crude Oil on Coastal Marsh Soil Denitrification Rates.  Chemosphere. 132:120-126.

Roberts, H.H., R.D. DeLaune, J.R. White, C. Li, C.E. Sasser, D. Braud, E. Weeks, S, Khalid. 2015.  Floods and Cold Front Passages:Impacts on Coastal Marshes in a River Diversion Setting (Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana). Journal of Coastal Research. 31(5):1057-1068.

*Pietroski, J.P., J.R. White and R.D. DeLaune. 2015. Effect of Dispersant Used for Oil Spill Remediation on Critical N Cycling Processes in Louisiana Coastal Salt Marsh Soil. Chemosphere. 119:562-567.  


*Roy, E.D., J.R. White and M. Seibert. 2014. Societal Phosphorus Metabolism in Future Coastal Environments: Insights from Recent Trends in Louisiana, USA. Global Environmental Change.  doi:10.1016/gloenvcha.2014.05.009

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