Giulio MariottiGiulio Mariotti

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences


Office: 2209 ECE Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Florence (Italy), 2005

Master's Degrees(s): M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Florence (Italy), 2008

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. Boston University, 2013


Research Interests:

My research focuses on the processes that shape coastal environments. I am interested in coupling physical and biochemical aspects, e.g. ecogeomorphology and biogeology. I carry forward my research using mathematical models, laboratory experiments and field work. My current agenda encompasses three main topics: 1) Wetland response to sea level rise, sediment supply and storminess. 2) Coupled dynamics of sediment & biofilms / microbial-mats. 3) Carbonate platform sedimentary processes.

Classes Taught:

Ecogeomorphology (Fall 2015)

Awards & Honors:

(2014) Luna B. Leopold young scientist award, American Geophysical Union

(2014) Robert P. Sharp Capstone Lecture, American Geophysical Union

Selected Publications:

Mariotti, G., S. Pruss, T. Perron, T. Bosak, (2014), Microbial shaping of sedimentary wrinkle structures, Nature Geo., 7(10), 736-740.

Mariotti, G., T. Perron, T. Bosak, (2014) Feedbacks between flow, sediment motion and microbial growth on sand bars initiate and shape elongated stromatolite mounds, Earth and Planetary Surface Letter, 397, 93-100.

Mariotti, G., J.T., Carr, (2014), Dual role of salt marsh retreat: long term loss and short term resilience, Water Resources Research, 50 (4), 2963-2974.

Mariotti, G., F. Falcini, M. Guala, N. Geleynse, T. Sun, S. Fagherazzi, (2013), Sediment eddy diffusivity in meandering turbulent jets: implications for levee formation at river mouths, J. Geophys. Res., 118, 1908–1920.

Mariotti, G., S. Fagherazzi, (2013), A two-point dynamic model for the coupled evolution of channels and tidal flats, J. Geophys. Res., 118, 1387–1399.

Mariotti, G., S. Fagherazzi, (2013), Critical width of tidal flats triggers marsh collapse in the absence of sea level rise, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 110, 14.

Recent Publications:

Research Projects

2015-2018: Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative: “Coastal Water Consortium II”. N. Rabalais (PI) + 26 Co-PIs. ($ 261,160 to Mariotti).