Edward B. OvertonEdward B. Overton

Position: Emeritus Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Office: 1265 Energy, Coast & Environment Building

Phone: 225-578-8634

Fax: 225-578-4286

E-mail: ebovert@lsu.edu

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.S., University of Alabama, 1965

Master's Degrees(s): Other Degrees: Spring Hill College, 1961 - 1963

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1970



Research Interests:

Analytical-Environmental Chemistry – trace organic analyses using high resolution separation techniques and high resolution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Environmental monitoring

Environmental analyses and their associated data interpretation, management and presentation techniques

Application of analytical techniques and chemical principles to emergency spill responses

Chemical hazard evaluations and risk assessments

Analytical instrument development for use with hazardous chemical spill incidents, ambient environmental monitoring, and monitoring in closed (indoor) environments

Development of methods to detect, assess and mitigate environmental chemical hazards

Research interests include understanding the fates and distributions of hydrocarbons following an oil spill, the environmental chemistry of hazardous chemicals, and the detection of environmental pollutants at the site of sample collection. Dr. Overton has been active in understanding the fate and effects of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine environments from oil spills since the 1978 well blowout at the US DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve West Hackberry Site, followed by the Amaco Cadiz Tanker wreck and the IXTOC 1 blowout in 1979, the Exxon Valdez wreck in 1989, and currently the Deepwater Horizon fire and blowout in 2010. Dr. Overton has given hundreds of presentations at scientific symposia as well as live interviews concerning the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to international print, radio, and TV media sources including an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman as well as all major US TV network and cable news shows.

Awards & Honors:

Louisiana Technologist of the Year, 1996
LSU Distinguished Faculty Award, 2008
Gov. Jindal Transition Team Executive Committee, Environmental, 2007
Clairborne Chair in Environmental Toxicology and Air Quality, 2008-2009
Louisiana Communicator of the Year, 2010

Professional Affiliations and Service Activities

License Agreements and Patents:

Chrompak International, The Netherlands. Portable Vapor Concentrator (LSU’s first international license)

Analytical Specialists Inc., Baton Rouge LA ( license to M2001, Concentrator, Portable MicroGC Technology, and High Resolution Profiling of Soil Gases) and patents 5,611,684, 5,846,292 and 6,068,684

Edward B. Overton, Kenneth R. Carney, “Portable Gas Chromatograph” #5,611,846, March 1997

Edward B. Overton, patent #5,846,292: “Chromatography with Column Extraction” December 1998

Edward B. Overton, patent: Microstructure Chromatograph with Rectangular Column, file #6,068,684, May 30, 2000

Professional Developments:

Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Analytical Specialist Inc. (ASI), a Louisiana corporation whose mission is to convert results from Dr. Overton’s research into commercially viable analytical products, and apply these novel instruments to help solve specific problems in our technology-driven society.

Selected Publications:

Gary A. Eiceman, Jorge Gardea-Torresdey, Ed Overton, Kenneth Carney, and Frank Dorman, “2004 Fundamental Reviews: Gas Chromatography”,  Anal Chem, 2004, 76, 3387-3394

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