LSU Undergraduate Receives 2019 Western Dredging Association Scholarship

Kendall Brome smiles next to a tree in an LSU hatKendall Brome, Undergraduate Junior, Coastal Environmental Science and Math

Hometown: Gig Harbor, Washington

High School: Gig Harbor High

Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2020


The Gulf Coast Chapter of the Western Dredging Association has awarded LSU undergraduate Kendall Brome with their 2019 student scholarship. Brome is double majoring in coastal environmental science and math. In addition to receiving this scholarship, Brome is a Distinguished Communicator University Medalist Candidate through LSU’s Communication Across the Curriculum.

In her scholarship essay, Brome explained, “I find great importance in interdisciplinary education and I am excited to continue learning, connecting with industry professionals, and expanding my knowledge of sustainable and efficient dredging, coastal engineering, and environmental science.”

Brome is especially interested in the economics, benefits, and current issues of coastal dredging, or the underwater excavating of soils and rock. She plans to use this scholarship to study whether sediment that is already being dredged from the Mississippi River could be used to re-sediment wetland marshes that are experiencing coastal land loss. According to Brome, this could not only benefit the environment but also save money for dredgers who would no longer have to dry out the dredged materials on land and then dispose of them later. And, it would put the otherwise-wasted material to good use.

“For me, it’s important to use what you have and not just throw away things that could be useful,” Brome said.Kendall Brome looks out over a Louisiana waterway

LSU is an attractive university for researchers like Brome because it is only an hour from the Gulf Coast and mere steps away from the Mississippi River and its watershed—the largest river in the U.S. and the most heavily human-managed river in the world. Additionally, LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment offers one of the few undergraduate programs nation-wide that integrate oceanography, coastal, environmental and social sciences, providing its graduates with diverse career opportunities.

“The College of the Coast & Environment is so good at pushing a lot of different networking opportunities, or scholarship opportunities, and making them widely known to their students. They are so great at helping to not only be a connection for the students, but then helping their students make connections who make connections,” Brome said.  

The Western Dredging Association, or WEDA, is devoted to the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction. WEDA supports educational institutions for students interested in pursuing dredging and marine engineering as a career. Part of their mission is to emphasize the importance of solutions for the protection and enhancement of the marine environment.