LSU College of the Coast & Environment Professor Awarded 2019 Early-Career Research Fellowship

Rebeca De Jesus CrespoRebeca De Jesus Crespo, an assistant professor of environmental sciences and a landscape ecologist in LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment, or CC&E, was one of 20 scientists awarded an Early-Career Research Fellowship by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s, or NASEM’s, Gulf Research Program this year. De Jesus Crespo is an expert in landscape ecology, human health and wellbeing, ecosystem services, sustainable development, and coastal resilience and restoration. Currently, she is exploring linkages between ecosystem services and virus-carrying mosquitoes and how promoting mosquito diversity may reduce human disease transmission in New Orleans and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Dr. De Jesus Crespo first began working with us earlier this year, and already she is being recognized nationally for her scientific acumen. She has an extensive background working for the Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental health researcher, and I look forward to seeing what she will be able to accomplish with the resources provided by this prestigious fellowship,” said Chris D’Elia, professor and dean of CC&E.

The Early-Career Research Fellowship helps early-career researchers during the critical pre-tenure phase of their careers and rewards those who have a strong scientific or technical background, superior scholarship, effective communication skills, and an ability to work across disciplines. Fellows are provided with a financial award in addition to mentoring support during their early careers that allows them to take research risks, pursue unique collaborations, and build a network of colleagues.

“I am truly honored to receive this award and to get the opportunity to test my ideas in the next couple of years. I am excited to contribute, with my research, to the Gulf Research Program, and I hope that my work helps promote human health and resilience in the coastal communities of the region,” De Jesus Crespo said.

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