Three CC&E Undergraduates Awarded at LSU Discover Day

On Tuesday, April 9, three undergraduate students from LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment were recognized for their poster presentations as a part of LSU Discover Day 2019. LSU Discover Day is an undergraduate research and creativity symposium that provides a forum for undergraduates to share their work with the larger community. Of the nine Coastal Environmental Science undergraduates who participated, the College of the Coast & Environment, awarded the top scoring CC&E participants:

Maggie Knight poses with her research poster

First Place: Maggie Knight

Poster Title: “Analysis of Photodegradation of Benzobicyclon Hydrolysate Using Various Ions in Seawater”

Grayton Bruno poses with her research poster

Second Place: Grayton Bruno

Poster Title: “How Strong are Louisiana Marshes? Relating Soil and Vegetation Characteristics to Marsh Strength and Erosion”

Joey Winston poses with his research poster and Mike Polito

Third Place: Joey Winston

Poster Title: “Organic Matter Decomposition in Created and Natural Brackish Marshes in Coastal Louisiana”


Congratulations to our winners!


Published: April 25, 2019