Tyler Mauney Awarded for Outstanding Service

Congratulations to Tyler Mauney, LSU College of the Coast & Environment’s Manager of Operations, who has been awarded the 2018 LSU Foundation Staff Outstanding Service Award! Mauney was one of 13 recipients at the 50th annual award ceremony held on December 3 at the Lod Cook Alumni Center. Jennifer Brum, assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, nominated him for his superior work performance in assisting new faculty with assembling their laboratories.photo of the staff awarded at the ceremony

Mauney has a Master of Science in chemical oceanography and, prior to his role as Manager of Operations, he worked in Mike Polito’s Marine & Trophic Ecology Laboratory.  Mauney’s background is extremely valuable because he understands the methodology and instrumentation required to advance research about the coast and environment. Having an individual with both scientific knowledge and an ability to work calmly with faculty under pressure, is a rare combination that allows him to do his job efficiently. 

“Tyler has been immensely helpful in establishing our new labs, which has required substantial effort on his part over the last year. If I need something done, I am absolutely certain that Tyler is working behind the scenes to make it happen,” Brum said. 

In particular, over the course of a four-month-long process, he helped Brum to acquire and install a special water purification system needed to operate her Geaux Viral Lab. Because Brum studies viruses and bacteria, she has to be especially careful to ensure that there is no contamination from the water mixed in with her microbial samples. This water purification system is absolutely necessary for everything she does in her lab. 

According to Leah Courville, assistant dean of the College of the Coast & Environment, “Tyler’s dedication to excellence and desire to help our faculty and students is key to our success. Our faculty have great respect for his knowledge and can always depend on Tyler to get the job done, even with extremely tight deadlines.” 

Tyler’s exceptional service contributes to making CC&E a premier college for cutting-edge research and education.