Dr. Steve Midway Wins Award from North Carolina State University

Steve Midway, assistant professor of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences in LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment, was named one of 12 Outstanding Young Alumni by North Carolina State University’s College of Agriculture and LifeSciences, or CALS, on September 7. The ceremony was held in Raleigh, N.C. 

Photoof midway accepting his award

Steve Midway was happy and appreciative of being recognized as an outstanding alumni at his alma mater. Photo Credit: North Carolina State University

These annual awards recognize the achievements of CALS’ outstanding graduates and their ongoing commitment to giving back to North Carolina State University.

During his time at CALS, Midway studied in the Department of Applied Ecology. He graduated with a master’s in 2009 before continuing on to University of North Carolina Wilmington for his PhD, which he received in 2013.

As an assistant professor at LSU, Midway studies fisheries ecology, often with a desire to improve management of commercial and recreational coastal fish species. His work includes basic biology and life history, species–environment interactions, and the use of hierarchical Bayesian models, among other tools.






Photo of midway receiving his award

Dean of CALS (far left) and professors presented Steve Midway with the Outstanding Young Alumni award on September 7. Photo Credit: North Carolina State University