Photo Gallery: Coastal Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program Celebrates 10 Years

On Friday, April 27, 2018, The College of the Coast & Environment celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Coastal Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Program (CES). In its inception in 2008, the CES program had only five students enrolled. Now, 10 years later, it has enrolled nearly 150 students, making it one of the fastest-growing undergraduate programs at LSU. In Spring 2018, CES conferred the largest-ever number of undergraduate degrees in one graduation with 21 graduates.

The celebration included laboratory demonstrations from CES professors and students. Malinda Sutor, associate professor of DOCS, demonstrated the FlowCAM, used to view water samples of microscopic plankton via Fluid Image Technology and illustrated how plankton have been making the Earth habitable for 1.5 billion years. Giulio Mariotti, assistant professor of DOCS showed guests a model of a river delta and its meandering river, bank erosion, and delta lobe formation. And, Mark Benfield, professor of DOCS showed 3D footage of deep-sea animals from the Gulf of Mexico.

Additionally, Benfield served as keynote speaker and discussed the possibility of alien life. Two other speakers, Lauren Kasparek and Brandon Boyd, both CES alumni, discussed how the CES program influenced their professional success. Kasparek is an ORISE Research Fellow at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education and a 2011 CES graduate. Boyd is a Research Physical Scientist in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal and Hydraulics Lab and a 2010 CES graduate.


Taylor Baudry welcoming visitors at the CES Celebration.Fun facts poster about some of the research done by CC&E researchers.Maps of CC&E's research across the globe.Dean Chris D'Elia giving his opening address about the CES undergraduate program.

Professors listening to the speakers at the CES Celebration.Mark Benfield discussing the possibility of alien life at the CES Celebration.CC&E Alum Brandon Boyd giving an update on life after graduation.Alum Lauren Kasparek sharing all of her accomplishments and how CC&E has professionally impacted her life after graduating.

Mike Polito and his wife, Alison Satake having some fun taking pictures at the CES Celebration.Vince Wilson speaking about the CES undergraduate program.Visitors checking out the river/delta table, led by Giulio Mariotti. Visitors got the chance to explore the river/delta table’s  meandering river, bank erosion, and delta lobe formation. Student looking into a microscope.

Visitors trying out Mark Benfield's 3D deep see lab demonstration.Dean D'Elia having fun with a student at the CES Celebration. Kevin Armbrust and student having fun taking photos at the program.Visitors talking to students at their table.

FlowCAM, Led by Malinda Sutor. Visitors go the chance to view water samples of microscopic plankton via Fluid Image