At CC&E, Science Education Starts Early


CC&E believes scientific outreach and education is critical to budding scientists long before they begin studying at university. In keeping with this principle, John White, John and Catherine Day Professor of Oceanography & Coastal Science, hosted a kindergarten class from LSU Laboratory School who came to CC&E to learn about wetlands and soils.  

White and four of his graduate students, Katie Bowes, Jessica Vaccare, Alina Spera, and Yadav Sapkota engaged the kindergarteners in activities that identified all the parts of a wetland. The kindergarteners viewed different soil samples while White’s students explained how marsh soil retains water and prevents flooding. In addition, Paige Zittrauer, the Lab School class’ teacher, modeled the kinds of clothing and gear that scientists wear in the field when collecting samples.  


Dr. John White and Masters student, Alina Spera showing plants and sediments to elementary students. University Lab School teacher, Paige Zittrauer,  student showing elementary students tools used during their field work. Dr. White showing a sample of soil to students.Group photo of Dr. White, CC&E graduate students, and the LSU University Lab School elementary students and teachers.

Dr. White and CC&E graduate student Katie Bowes, showing elementary students a prop used during field work. Dr. White and CC&E graduate student Yadav Sapokta working with elementary students on some interactive worksheets.Expressive student looking at the soil, CC&E graduate student Jessica Vacarre, collected.Alina Spera helping elementary students with their worksheets.

Dr. White talking to elementary students. Elementary students asking questions during Alina Spera's presentation.