Hooper-Bùi Gives Voice to Ant in Documentary

 Linda M. Hooper-Bùi, associate professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, is a featured speaker in the short documentary Critter Speak, an environmental art and education project for the portable museum of Gulf of Mexico biodiversity, CRUDE LIFE. The documentary features guests from diverse professions, including a state senator, a shrimper and several biologists, who speak as critters of the marsh, swamp, and ocean, including an eel, red algae, and Hooper-Bùi's "Acrobat Ant. The "critters" share their views on Gulf of Mexico biodiversity, their experiences throughout the BP Oil Spill, the health of the ecosystem, land loss, climate change, and possible solutions for the future.

The project is funded by the National Academy of Sciences, Keck Futures Initiative.

See Hooper-Bùi's "Acrobat Ant" interview.